Student Mentoring Cell

Sharda University caters to a Diverse student community with varius linguistic and academic competencis as well as varied economic backgrounds, students, who embark on their academic carrer at thr university, have various expectations adn apprehensions about learning in a new environment. students from diverse nationalities have to cope with a new culture as well academic. Most of them have linguistic challanges inside as well as outsite the classroom, It is thus essential that students receive guidance and support to facilitate their performance in the classroom and beyond. Mentoring is to support and encourage students to manage their own learning in order that may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. To strengthen the mentoring system there is a need of Student Mentoring Cell.

The composition of the "Student Mentoring Cell" is given below:

Name Degination School Name
Prof. Kiran Sharma Professor(Chief Mentoring Co-ordinator) School of Nursing Science and Research
Dr. Shiva Pujan Jaiwal Assistant Professor School Of Engineering and Technology
Dr. Archana Agarwal Assistant Professor School of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Santhi Narayanan Assistant Professor School of Business Studies